Friday, 3 January 2020

Healthy Tips for IT Engineers

Do you know that human body also depreciates or deteriorates due to overuse, misuse in a similar way as the machinery depreciate over a period of time? One must relax and take rest to recoup the body cells. IT engineers have to work for long hours on computers and they have no fixed timings due to nature of the job. The job of the IT engineer can be compared with that of gynecologist doctor who has to rush in the labor room at a call to ensure smooth delivery of the new baby. One of the very renowned gynecologists informed the author about her plight that sometimes she could not sleep during the whole night and had to rush for normal or cesarean delivery. Similarly, IT engineers work for multinational companies having clients throughout the world and they have to take the call according to the working hours across the globe ignoring their health and working without sleep, food to ensure delivery of the work assigned to them. IT engineers are prone to developing the following problems due to their long working hours and that too at odd hours against the natural sleeping and relaxing times:

  1. Head: Blood Clots that form after sitting too rigidly can travel to the brains causing strokes.
  2. Neck: Fluid retained in the legs during the day moves to the neck at night and contributes to obstructive sleep apnea.
  3. Lungs: Individuals who experience heart failure the fluid first backs up in the lungs.
  4. Heart: Sedentary Life Style contributes to cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Arms: Physical inactivity increases the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.
  6. Stomach: Sitting too much contributes to obesity and colon cancer.
  7. Legs: Fluid collects in the legs during sitting. Physical exercise helps to pump it out before it can cause problems.
  8. Eyes: Eyes are the most stressed organs in IT Engineers Life Style and they need to use artificial tears like Tear Plus or lubricants like lubrex.
Disclaimer: This is just educative and informative and does not substitute an advice by a medical expert. Check with your physician before taking any medicine as it can be fatal to take medicines without a prescription and expert medical opinion.

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